In today’s market, moving towards natural and organic products, terms like “natural” and “bio” are widely used, commonly without the proper grounds. Most of the conventional personal hygiene and skin care products labeled “natural” are not in fact 100% pure of artificial ingredients and contain a certain amount of synthetic agents, pesticides, preservatives or colouring and aroma additives. These products, regardless of certain natural components in their formulas, bring to the body the rest of components, which penetrate our body through consumption or through skin absorption and thus harm our body.

What is certified natural and/or organic farming and product?

Organic farming is a method of growing agriculture following certain standards of soil and plant growth purity. It excludes the use of toxic and chemically modified fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, growth regulators and genetically modified organisms (GMO). Through the use of this farming method the production is minimally exposed to the harmful human manufactured chemicals and water and air quality is maintained. The resulting production is considered more pure and upon the inspection of certified bodies is classified and “natural” and/ or “organic”. 

Further on the food and cosmetic products made entirely of such certified ingredients are on their own passed through an inspection by competent organs and only then may be labeled as “natural” and/or “organic.

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