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Fractionated coconut oil - why choose it?

Fractionated coconut oil – why choose it?

There are several key differences between regular and fractionated coconut oil – the second in question always remains liquid and has no odour. This makes it much easier to use when it comes to creating your own cosmetic products for home use.

It is easy to create a homogenous mixture by adding other base oils (such as sweet almond) and/or essential oils to the liquid coconut oil. It is then well absorbed by the skin and hair due to its lighter texture. It has all the skin nourishing and hydrating properties of regular coconut oil. It is an ideal addition to your shower gels in order for them to be less aggressive to skin. Fractionated coconut oil can also be used alone as a body oil – select your favourite essential oils and create your home made aromatherapy product. It creates a great gliding factor on skin, which makes it useful as a massage oil.