Elfeya Cosmetics предлага 100% натурална козметика


Beeswax is a natural bioproduct which has a favourable action on human organism and may be used for a long time. It is the result of the wax glands of bees and is used to seal the cells where they collect honey. The healing, regenerating and prettifying properties of this gift of nature are known. Wax is hard but elastic, tasteless, with the typical smell of propolis and the colour defines its quality and purity. It may be yellow, brown or colourless. The higher its temperature of melting, the more impurities it has. In time, it is covered with whitish powder if it is of high quality. It does not let through water which enables its multiple applications in various fields. It composition consists of approximately 15 types of substances – complex ethers, saturated carbohydrates, fatty acids, colorants and aromatic compounds. Wax has anti-bacterial properties. It creates a protective film which preserves the hydration in the skin and protects it efficiently from external aggressors.