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Chamomile oil

The essential oil of Roman Chamomile is produced from the Аnthеmіѕ Nоbіlіѕ (Сhаmаеmеlum Nоbіlе) from the family Asteraceae and is also known with the name English chamomile,sweet chamomile and garden chamomile. The Roman and German chamomile have excellent relaxing properties but the Roman one is more efficient for irritation and impatience. It has a strong positive effect with menstrual problems and menopause. German chamomile is most efficient when applied on the skin. It calms is, treats it and helps the faster regeneration of the tissues. The essential oil of Roman chamomile has a sweet aroma similar to that of apple and is light blue in colour. The essential oil of German chamomile also has a sweet aroma but is dark blue in colour.