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Cacao oil

Cacao oil is extracted from the tree Theobroma cacao. Its fruits are like follicles – they become brown when they are ripe – then, their pulp is removed to reveal the seeds (grains). After harvesting, they are left to dry in the sun where they ferment and develop their aroma. Then, their transparent white flakes are removed and their interior is smashed. The obtained mixture (called cocoa solids) is pressed to extract the oil. Cold pressing gives less but higher quality oil. Cacao oil has a temperature of melting close to the one of human body – approximately 34–38 °C. The clean and unrefined cacao oil is the most natural care for the skin of only one ingredient – it is quickly absorbed without leaving fatty traces and makes skin velvety soft. When applied, it creates a protective film between the sensitive skin and air and besides, helps the skin retain moisture in depth. Cacao oil is wonderful even for the driest parts such as knees and heels.