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Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is extracted from seeds of the wine variety Vitis Vinifera. A natural source of fatty acids, vitamins Е, С и D and antioxidants, it has numerous valuable properties as an ingredient in medicines, culinary and cosmetics. The variety Vitis Vinifera comes from Asia and in XVII c.. it was brought to Europe and USA. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Europeans used it in their medical practices and nowadays, India is among its greatest producers for mass application (internal and external). Grape seed oil has indispensable advantages as a treatment means. It has proven itself as successful for treatment of sore throat, constipation, problems with kidneys and liver, it has strong antiseptic and regenerative properties and is applicable on any skin type. It contains 70% essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed and retain moisture, tighten but do not clog pores. It helps restore the integrity of the skin. Grape seed oil is a specially preferred ingredient due to its ability to control the water balance of the skin. It contains a greater quantity of linoleic acid that other natural oils which makes it a unique assistant in strengthening the cell membranes and blood vessels in protection against free radicals and stress from the environment, fighting inflammations and imperfections.