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Lavender oil

Most often, lavender is grown to be used for extraction of lavender oil, the lavender flowers are also used to produce products against moths, tea, spices in culinary, aromatized products, for decoration, etc. The essential oil has a wide application in cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry – perfumes, balsams, creams, etc.

Also, it is used for aromatherapy. When added to vaporizer or pulverizer, lavender oil is used for treatment of cough and respiratory infectious diseases. It has strongly manifested antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil has yellow-green colour and when stored correctly, it has a strong and intense aroma, slightly differing from the one of the flowers.

There is an interesting fact that in World War One, lavender oil was widely used in hospitals for disinfection of floors and walls. Nowadays, it is used widely with other herbs and aromatherapy. In traditional medicine, the infusion (tea) of lavender is used to calm down the sites of insect bites, burns, acne and headache (by rubbing it around the temples). Lavender flowers repel insects and several drops of oil on the pillow help deal with sleep disorders, relieve anxiety and relaxation. It is also considered to help for the treatment of various general diseases such as sunburns and stroke. As a component in message mixtures or spirit, it is strongly efficient for relieving pain in joints and muscles, asthmatic and bronchial spasms.