MY BEAUTY Organic Skin Care gift set

Organic Cosmetics Gift Box - 5 products for skin and body care



MY BEAUTY Organic Skin Care Gift Set – selection of our top 5 products for skin and body care. This is the ideal gift for a loved one, for a special occasion or simply when in need of a “feel good” purchase – one that will contribute to your wellness and personal care routine. It will come in a ready to present as a gift wrap and a beautiful branded box.

We offer you a head to toe skin care set with 100% organic formulations. In it you will find hydrating aromatherapy shower gel with lavender essential oil, soothing face and neck serum with Rosa Damascena and Cloves for sensitive skin, nourishing body butter with cocoa, shea and beeswax for extreme dryness, food grade coconut oil and refreshing sweet orange essential oil. Our products guarantee 100% best quality ingredients, no artificial colourings, no artificial aroma, no artificial preservatives, no testing on animals and of course – no LSL, parabens, phthalates or other “nasties”. Our packaging is recyclables and we do our best to preserve the nature we cherish so much.

All products are produced in the EU according to the highest standards and in small batches. They are then COSMOS ORGANIC CERTIFIED from Italy. Our shower gel is a favourite product of the brand, also featured in Vogue UK. Our face serum was selected as nominee for Best Innovative Product at international exhibition Eco Life Scandinavia 2019, Malmo.

MY BEAUTY organic skin care set selection of 5 products is a perfect first try order from our website – it will give you an idea and a feel of all categories skin care we offer and stand for itself to represent our Lux Life UK Global Excellency Award.

Enjoy and never forget to go green and search for sustainable beauty in the world! Our beauty and the beauty of our planet – they are one!







Sensitive skin Face and Neck oil, 30ml
Face and neck serum for sensitive and reactive skin. Very light oil formula softens dry and itchy skin, thus reducing redness and irritations. Rosa Damascena oil is known to nourish deeply thus improving the natural barrier functions of the epidermis. Only a few drops are enough to hydrate face and neck skin. Apply with gentle massage motions and tap until absorbed. Ideal as make up base. Our serum is designed to minimise the risk of allergies – no aggressive active ingredients, no alcohol, no water, no preservatives and no added perfumes.

Sweet almond oil is rich in magnesium, iron and vitamins that help skin restore its healthy and nourished complexion. Jojoba oil regulates the hydro-lipid balance of skin, making sure it preserves its water balance and fresh look. Grape seed oil contains proanthocyanidins – amongst the strongest known natural antioxidants. It helps protect skin from external aggressions and pollution. Grape seed oil also improves circulation which is very beneficial in the fight against dark circles under the eyes and the appearance and deepening of wrinkles. We added tea tree oil because of it numerous benefits to skin – it has strong antibacterial function and tightens pores effectively, thus reducing imperfections. Chamomile and lavender are a great duo when it comes to calming irritated skin and reducing redness. As a final touch and to make your face care ritual as sensual as ever, we added a drop of exotic scented Ylan Ylang.

100 % BIO ORGANIC PRODUCT The Carefully Designed Blend of 100% Natural Ingredients has One Final Purpose – to Restore your Skin’s Natural State of Wholeness and Comfort, as the Best Way to Ensure its Beautiful Outlook.
HAND MADE QUALITY PRODUCT – All the Elfeya Products are Made in EU in Small Batches Using Carefully Selected Soil Associated Organic Ingredients.
NATURAL & GENTLE INGREDIENTS Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Chamomile, Lavender And Ylan Yland. This Oil Blend Is Inspired By The Ancient Beatifying Rituals, Today More Popular As Expensive Procedures In SPA Salons.
HIGH QUALITY SKIN CARE -The Active Botanical Ingredients Are Selected With Purpose – To Address Skin’s Three Most Basic Problems – Dullness Due To Malnourishment And Exhaustion, Lines And Spots Coming With Age And Irritation Due To Sensibility Or External Harms.
No Perfume, No Colorants, No Preservatives, Not Tested On Animals, Vegan, Gluten Free


Universal balm for all ages, all skin types – hands, face and body, 150ml

Our naturally sweet scented universal balm is ideal for everyone and every purpose. It is composed of entirely edible ingredients, non-refined and 100% natural butters, no added aromas or colorants, no skin sensitizers or allergens. As all of our products, it has no artificial preservatives.

Shea butter is well known for its rich texture and highly nourishing effect on dry and irritated skin. Cocoa butter is known as “food for skin” as it supplies it with numerous healthy minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Coconut oil is popular both in the culinary and cosmetic industries with its many benefits t the human body. It is fully absorbed into skin, leaving it with smooth and clam sensation, no greasy finish and radiant glow. Sweet almond oil has been used for generations to restore dry and damaged skin’s smoothness and comfort. Beeswax is a rich mix of active ingredients which protect skin against external aggressions and harm by forming a thin and breathable protective film. The carefully designed blend of 100% natural ingredients has one final purpose – to restore your skin’s natural state of wholeness and comfort, as the best way to ensure its beautiful outlook.

Botanical Shake has a limited list of ingredients to be suitable for everyone and to minimize the risk of skin intolerances. It is beneficial for pregnant women in their fight to prevent stretch marks, as well as for children with their still imperfect and in need of intense care delicate skin. May be used as a baby change/barrier cream, as its thick texture and protective film over skin helps isolate from the external aggressions (urine, diapers and cloth rubbing). Botanical Shake is also suitable for people with extremely dry and itchy skin – help relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of sensitive skin.

For optimal results apply morning and evening on clean skin. Suitable for all body parts. Apply on warm moist skin with gentle massage motions until absorbed. For dry and damaged skin – apply on clean skin on need to need basis. Enjoy the natural sweet and delicious dessert-like aroma of coconut and cacao!

Suitable for sensitive skin.


Lavender essential oil infused shower gel, 200ml

Lavender essential oil infused shower gel. A light formula with hydrating and soothing aloe barbadensis extract. Lavender oil has antibacterial properties and relieves stress. Our wash gel leaves skin perfectly clean, fresh and calm without drying it out. Easy to foam when massaged onto wet skin, easy to wash away with water. Suitable for all skin types and for everyday use. Do not swallow, keep away from children.

75% organic content, infused with 100% organic essential oils.


Cold-pressed, unrefined, 100ml

Coconut oil is known for its many uses in the food, cosmetic, and nutritional supplement industries. Coconut oil is extracted from the copra (meat) of fresh coconuts. Coconut oil is naturally high in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and lauric acid, providing a range of health benefits and versatile applications. Coconut oil can be used for baking and cooking, and applied topically to support skin and hair health.

To Moisturize and Nourish Skin– The same properties make coconut oil great for skin as well. Many people like to use it as a natural moisturizer. Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation.
Coconut oil for Hair– This nourishing oil has been used for centuries in hair and its unique fat composition makes it especially beneficial for certain hair types. Use it as a hair mask, hot oil treatment, or in homemade hair products.
Digestive Help– Coconut oil’s concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil makes it helpful for digestion. Its antimicrobial properties can help fight irritation and infection in the gut from Candida.
Great Source of Healthy Fats– Over 50% of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid. In fact, coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid after breastmilk.
Mental Boost– Studies show MCTs may contribute to focus and mental performance.
Hormone Support– Getting the wrong kinds of fats can create havoc on hormones. Coconut oil contains specific fats that support the body’s natural hormone production.
Immune Support– The MCTs (including lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid) have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it beneficial for immune support.
Great fat for cooking: Coconut oil is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures like other oils do. It doesn’t go rancid easily and has amazing nutritional properties. It is great for cooking eggs, stir fries, grain free baked goods, and practically any other cooking use.


Organic essential oil, 15ml

Paramount among sweet orange oil’s benefits is its effect on the mental and emotional systems. Well-known for its uplifting and worry-reducing properties, orange oil carries cheerfulness while simultaneously calms, making it ideal as an overall mood enhancer and relaxant. Its balancing effect on the mind and body, and its warming and joyful qualities benefit people of all ages. Its broad aromatic appeal renders it an excellent choice for diffusing in diverse groups.

Sweet orange oil finds a wide range of use in holistically supporting the body on physical, mental, and emotional levels, while its universally appealing aroma and ease of blending make it useful under almost any circumstances and a valuable addition to many formulae. On the physical level orange oil, topically applied, can promote detoxification. This action has a positive effect assisting the body both during times of wellness as well as cold season. Orange oil, when inhaled, can settle the tummy. An overall excellent skin tonic, orange oil is used to support clear skin. In the home orange oil can be used (diluted) as a powerful grease cutter and cleaning agent.


Direct Palm Inhalation:Use several drops in direct palm inhalation to shift mental negativity and promote feelings of joy.

Sweet orange essential oil can be applied topically, as a compress, in the bath, through direct inhalation, or diffuser. Because of its potential phototoxic effects, it should always be diluted and dermal applications avoided before exposure to sunlight.

Use several drops in direct palm inhalation to shift mental negativity and enliven stale air.
Add several drops to bathwater to help eliminate toxins, boost the lymphatic and immune systems and calm the nerves.
Add several drops orange oil to a clean damp washcloth and toss in the dryer to freshen linens.
Add 10 drops orange oil and three drops peppermint oilto a spray bottle for a revivifying air freshener.
Diffuse orange oil in the office or at home to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Use safety precautions, because citrus and the sun are incompatible. Citrus oils, including orange, are phototoxic, and can damage your skin if rubbed on the skin and exposed to sunlight. Do not take sweet orange essential oil internally.

INGREDIENTS (INCI): Citrus sinensis oil