Organic essential oil, 15ml



This rich, robust, organic lemongrass essential oil works equally well as a mood elevator, a potent skin and body toner, and a natural promoter of comfort and ease to bodies. This particular distillation of lemongrass, with its bright, clean and refined aromatic top notes signals its known ability to sharpen mental clarity.

Among the most potent of all essential oils as a purifier and cleanser, it can be used to enhance and energize skin health if compromised. Its citral elements boost calm and clarity. An ideal component of massage and body oils, lemongrass oil helps increase tone and suppleness. Lemongrass essential oil has balancing effects on body energy and is used with success to manage the difficulties of jet travel. Pure lemongrass essential oil also does triple duty as an insect repellent and a key component in the culinary and perfume industries.

Additional information

How to use lemongrass essential oil

Diffuse lemongrass to balance energy and calm the mind.

    • Mind Balance Blend: In your diffuser mix lemongrass oil, lavender oil and cedar oil to promote emotional equilibrium.


Lemongrass essential oil can be applied topically (always diluted), as a compress, in the bath, through direct inhalation, or diffuser. Diffuse or spritz lemongrass as a natural insect repellant.

    • Radiant Skin: Apply a drop of lemongrass oil diluted with several drops witch hazel to enhance the skins natural health and beauty.
    • Healthy Feet: Massage 2-3 drops lemongrass essential oil into soles of feet to assist soothe stubborn itch.
    • Travel Assist: Rub jetlag blend over shoulders, back of neck and hairline before, during and after jet travel.
    • Jet Lag Blend: 4 drops lemongrass, 4 drops cajeput, 4 drops fragonia mixed in 15 mL shea butter.
    • Balancing Bath: Add two drops to bath water to balance the mind and emotions and energize the skin.

INGREDIENTS (INCI): Cymbopogon citratus oil